Hi, I'm Thad, a full stack software engineer.

I love building cutting-edge web and mobile apps using the latest tools like Astro, Solid, Svelte and Bun. I'm also having a blast diving into Rust and Zig. If you've got a cool project in mind or just want to geek out about tech, feel free to reach out! Let's build something amazing together.

Want to know who you're working with?

From pursuing my love for learning to discovering my passion for programming, my journey has been a thrilling adventure. Visit my About page to learn more about who I am, what drives me, and how I got to where I am today.


Interested in seeing some of my work?

Check out my portfolio to see some of my latest projects. Each one was a unique learning experience that helped me grow as a developer.


Hungry for tech insights and tips?

Join me on my blog as I share my experiences, lessons learned, and exciting discoveries in the ever-evolving world of software development. From Rust and Zig adventures to web dev best practices, there's always something new to explore together.


Let's build something incredible together!

Whether you're a fellow developer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or innovator with a groundbreaking idea, I'm always eager to connect and collaborate. If you want to chat about the latest tech trends or need help bringing your vision to life, reach out through my Contact page. Let's create something amazing together!


“Thad has been an excellent partner with our business. He is courteous and professional, extremely knowledgeable, and able to assist with a variety of projects. We've been very happy with both the design and web development work completed for site, and the turnaround time for new work is awesome. I would strongly recommend him for web design and development work, especially if you are building something with React or other Javascript libraries.”

- Dave Kush

"Thad did an amazing job with my website. He was very kind and responsive throughout the entire process. I appreciated his ability to work with me and incorporate my ideas into the design. I would highly recommend Thad for any website related work. Cant wait to work with him again in the future!"

- Marco Sanchez

"Excellent job creating website and meeting our immediate needs. Very accommodating and professional and completes in a timely manner. Will use again for future updates."

- Leigh Capone

"Great job! He even walked me through stuff I was confused about."

- phenningsen

"Thad did a wonderful job on my website also got me up and running on Google I highly recommend him for all your advertising and website needs. Great experience!"

- John Dorazio

"Thad did an exceptional job with our marketing campaigns and exceeded our expectations. Polite, professional, and communicated well throughout the entire process. Will definitely use again!"

- Luke Krugman

"Thad did an amazing job with a very abstract concept. Very strongly recommend working with him for web-development projects!"

- aw06abag